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ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT (AMC) IS IMPORTANT TO PROTECT YOUR TRANSFORMER We are the best transformer service and maintenance services providers in Vadodara, Gujarat, India Our Annual Maintenance Contracts for the most part incorporates substitution of flawed parts/supplanting of entire units alongside in the vicinity bolster. Here and there, Annual Maintenance Contracts would require the client to hand over faulty units/send them over to the manufacturing plant which would be come back to them after the blame is amended At the point when to agree to accept AMC? We accentuate on agreeing to accept AMC contracts before the guarantee/past AMC contract terminates to keep away from unanticipated expenses out of guarantee. We attempt a Preventive Maintenance check for every one of the types of gear secured under the AMC, in any event once in a half year. The cost of the AMC contract every year for transformers and AVRs is 8% to 10% of the first cost of the gear. This can likewise shift in light of kind of the hardware. There is one more kind of administration that we offer. Here, the client is charged an administration charge that covers the overhauling/repairs, and so on location for a year. Be that as it may, if there are any damaged segments, the same must be supplanted by the client at their own particular cost. Essential Maintenance Scope (A) Visual and Mechanical Inspection: Examine physical conditions for oil spillages, oil level, repair of spillage assuming any. Examination for electrical association snugness, establishing Etc. Examination for Cracks and Dust in Bushing, Gasketted Joints, Bushing Replacement, Replacement of Gasket Electrical Inspection for transformer stacking, coherence, examination for snugness of earth association in pits. Assessment for legitimate task of radiator valves, deplete valves Etc. Completely wipe down, vacuum, and tidy transformer. Check for air sections are clear. Check for shade of dynamic operator in Silicagel Breather. Investigation of Insulating oil for electrical quality, oil filtration and oil substitution is required. Painting of transformer if required. Checking and Testing of Protective Gear like WTI, OTI, Buchholz Relay, MOLG Etc. (B) Electrical Tests Performed on transformers: Protection testing through catapulted associations Protection tests, twisting to winding, and each twisting to ground.. Turns-proportion tests at all tap positions Check for BDV of Insulating Oil. Disintegrated Gas Analysis of transformer oil. Aside from above we are likewise having the choice for establishment of ONLINE CONDITION MONITORING SYSTEM on transformer through which we can do the ongoing checking of transformer for any early blames and furthermore analyze the transformer for various parameters, some of them are as underneath: H2 PPM Level Surrounding, Oil and Winding Temperature Voltage and Current in every one of the three stages. Dynamic/Reactive clear vitality and power Most extreme request/Demand anticipating Time bound and stamped information for KVAH/KWH/KVAR We are the best transformer service and maintenance services providers in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We are the best transformer service and maintenance services providers in Surat, Gujarat, India We are the best transformer service and maintenance services providers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
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