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Transformer maintenance and services providers in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Transformer Overhauling – The fundamental importance of Overhauling is to inspect or go over deliberately for required repairs. During the time spent Overhauling Engineers open the entire Transformer to do the needful cleaning, repair and substitution, in short the procedure incorporates general investigation including lifting of center and curls. Transformer Overhauling, Leakage Arresting and Elect. Testing Destroying of Transformer and Draining of Oil Lifting, Cleaning and Tightening of Core and Coil Assemblytransformer support Gasket Replacement Nitrogen Purging IR Value Improvement by High Vacuum Oil Circulation Winding Insulation Paper Measurement of DP for RLA Introductory and Pre-Commissioning Testing Winding Resistance Turn Ratio Test No Load/Load Losses Tan Delta and Capacitance Tests on Bushing and winding Duration of Work: After every 5 yrs for 1000 to 3000 KVA After every 7-10 yrs for 3000 and above KVA Advantages: Increment IR Value Builds 10 times age of your Transformer Diminish upkeep costs Enhance Transformer unwavering quality Diminish superfluous repair/substitution costs
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